For a few weeks we have in the office a HTC Vive, and it is proving to be a success! During the last few weeks we have been testing various RV games (virtual reality) and we want to tell you the spectacular sensations we have had.

SuperHot VR: the shooter for HTC Vive

In front of me is a black sword suspended in the air. Around me I see everything white and empty. I pick up my sword and suddenly find myself on a street, which is also dominated by white and light gray tones. Abstract red enemies are heading towards me and my only goal is to finish them off. But there is more: in the game, time only advances when I move, and at a rate proportional to my movements. If I turn the top of my body slowly, I can dodge the bullets that shoot me. I stand still and make my enemies stop.

To defeat these enemies, skill and a good strategy is essential. If you get an impact, be it a punch, a bullet or anything else, you have to start the level again from the beginning. And since each level consists of several zones, you will have to repeat them, which is sometimes annoying.

SuperHot VR is an adaptation to the world of SuperHot PC superhero production. The main difference is that in the RV version we have more limited range of motion, while the PC game is based on the classic system of discovery through levels.

Batman Arkham VR : With HTC Live you can be a superhero

I must admit that my knowledge of the Batman world is limited. I’ve seen some of the movies, but little else. This virtual reality game, Batman: Arkham VR, shows a side of Batman who did not know about the movies, since it seems that Batman is, to put it somehow, the best detective in the world. Instead of massive action, Batman: Arkham VR is presented as a game in the purest detective style. Your mission is to investigate the death of Nightwing, friend and ally of Batman, and to look for Robin, with whom Batman has lost contact.

The fans of Batman will especially enjoy the principle, since in the first ten minutes you see, from a first person perspective, the death of Batman’s parents, then get into the skin of the superhero and dress with him Batman costume. Even in a mirror you are reflected as Batman.

The game itself is relatively short. It is very likely that most players will get to see the credits at the end of the game in just over an hour. The controls are not always very well resolved. So, you ask yourself: why is Batman: Arkham VR a game worth recommending despite being relatively short? The key is in their extremely detailed graphics that get the player to fully target the action. Few games present the environment in a way as plastic as Batman: Arkham VR.

Richie’s Plank Experience: A Very Real Experience

It is true that games like SuperHot or Batman Arkham are spectacular, but other smaller games or short demos can also make us have a good time. This is the case of Richie’s Plank Experience . The game is very simple: you are in an elevator and you can download on two floors. In the first you have to put out a fire to a height of vertigo, and for that, you can fly using a jetpack. In the upper floor we have the mission that gives name to the game: in this case you leave the elevator to a wooden board on which you have to walk at a height of 160 meters. Even knowing that we are on the mainland, it is very difficult to take the first step. Whoever thinks that all this is only the result of imagination, must try the challenge of the wooden board. By the way, Many users comment on Steam that they use this game to demonstrate what is virtual reality to those who are introduced in this world. Anyone who wants to live the experience to the fullest, can even place a wooden table that is a bit unstable on the floor to increase the degree of realism.

Google Earth VR : travel the world with HTC Vive

Virtual reality not only brings games to a new level of sensations. Other types of products related to information and education can also benefit and enjoy totally new possibilities. Google Earth VR is an example of the latter.

The virtual reality transports you normally to a life-size environment. In the case of Google Earth VR you become authentic giants, since cities (in many cases with very good details) are seen as models in medium scale. The view of the cities is extremely detailed, although not comparable to the classic 360 degree view. This way, you can fly over any destination in the world and explore its surroundings. In a way, it’s like you’re looking at it from a dron. And so you can discover in a completely new way the places you like the most in the world.

Unfortunately, Google Earth VR still has some flaws, and its control is not as intuitive as it would be desirable. In addition, huge amounts of data make the field of view limited if you are moving, (at least on the computer we use for our tests). Only when you return to stop, you can see everything again. And even then it takes a few seconds until all the details are shown, since the data is loaded from the network (having a good internet connection helps a lot).

HTC Live: Here we can find new material of virtual reality

Anyone who has a Live has basically two places to get virtual reality content. On the one hand we have the classic option of using Steam, Which provides us mostly games. There you can find some virtual reality games for free, although most are priced between 5 and 40 euros. On Steam you can find games on everything, although there are also options of «Edutainment», such as Google Earth VR .

The second option to get this type of content is  Viveport . This is the store of HTC, which has not only games, but has VR content, and educational programs and other applications. In addition, you can opt for a monthly subscription of 9.99 euros with which you can choose every month five applications and / or virtual reality games for use during that time period.

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