Like every week, we offer a list of apps that have just been released in the Play Store. This can help you discover interesting applications and games, which unfortunately is not always easy.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Do you still have to introduce Sonic, the most popular character in the SEGA universe? This week has come to Android, and also, free. Also keep in mind that you do not arrive alone, 4 other SEGA applications have landed in the Play Store.

For those unfamiliar with Sonic, we are talking about a blue hedgehog (yes, blue) to which you will move, advance and jump when necessary. Be careful that it can go very fast, so it’s best that you concentrate well. Although it is free is not free of advertising, the only way to get rid of it is to opt for the paid version.

Duel of signs

This game is a modern version of the Kems card game. It is a game in which you have to get four identical cards, simply. The difficulty is that you can not announce it, but your partner in the game. So you have to decide a code to communicate, and the opponents must do the same. Now, if the opponents intercept your communications, they say “against kems” and it is they who earn the point.

Duel of signs lets you play Kems with fun characters, especially in gestures for communication (for example, the pirate who drops a gold coin). The funniest thing is to make fake gestures so that the opponents make “against Kems” useless. In short, a game for big and small, which can be played only against the computer, with another player against the computer or completely in multiplayer.

Run or Die

This is the last game on this list. As its name indicates, this is a game where you have to run avoiding the many obstacles that will be found in him way. This is a pretty standard concept, but here there is the option to choose between different characters that have different characteristics, such as ability to jump challenging gravity.

It is an entertaining game that entertains players who like pressure games. It already existed on PC and was quite popular, so it is likely to follow the same path on Android. Its only defect is that it is payable, but 0.79 euros is far from being an astronomical sum.

Civic Secure Identity

Would you like to connect to your different accounts without having to go through the alleys of security measures? Are you tired of juggling your passwords? Civic and its Android application are offered to protect your accounts and identity with a level of security comparable to those used by banks.

The Android application is available from June 20 and is free. Protecting yourself from internet pirates is a necessity and if this application also allows you to save time, maybe it’s worth a try?

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