The wonderful world of the internet makes us dream: at the touch of a click (or touch) we have access to a wealth of information about everything that comes to mind. The most visited services are for a reason, and you will probably use them as well. Or maybe not, actually. We will discover (or rediscover) some of these sites together.

Have you ever heard of Alexa ? It is a website specialized in the analysis of website statistics, which allows, among other things, to achieve rankings such as this one that concerns us today: the ranking of the most visited sites in the world . What is the most visited website in the world? Do not hesitate for a moment: Google.com. On the podium, we also find YouTube and Facebook. Wow, it’s no surprise. It is later where the thing changes because among the most visited sites in the world we find mostly Chinese sites.

1. Baidu

Baidu is the fourth most visited site in the world and you probably had never heard of it. Why? The answer is very simple. Google is not holy to the devotion of the Asian giant, to the point that its services are accessible only through a VPN. In other words, none of Gmail or the other services we are so used to (especially the search engine).

Baidu is, then, the alternative of China for Google. The Chinese are there more or less what we already know from Google: a mail service, a map system, a search system (which includes image and video), etc. The search engine is, by nature, the most visited site (Google is the 1), so Baidu is the first Chinese web site to rank.

2. QQ

QQ is an Internet portal owned by Tencent Inc., one of the most listed companies. In itself, the concept of QQ reminds us of sites like MSN: news, messaging … But QQ goes much further because we also find QQ Games (for video games), QQ Mail and especially the famous instant messaging service of the same name.

Unlike the West, where instant messaging services are legion, QQ messaging has been successful in China: by 2016 there were 868.5 million active users per month. This is just slightly less than WhatsApp by the same dates, when there were 1 billion active monthly users , the difference is that QQ is only available in a single country.

QQ is the ninth most visited website, and the second most popular in the list.

3. Taobao

Taobao , whose full name is Taobao Marketplace, is a huge Chinese e-commerce website and the 10th most visited site. You can find almost anything, from technology to food, to clothing or household items. It is a purchase sale between users and the web strives to facilitate communication between them, allowing, for example, chat live with the seller.

The system works on a grading system: When one is satisfied with the seller gives a good note, as in Amazon or eBay. The most impressive thing about this site is the speed with which the products we buy are received. If the sender is near, area, the delivery can be very fast (for example, in a day), but if it is far away it will take some more time. In any case, everything can be negotiated through private messages.

QQ is the tenth most visited website, and the third Chinese website on the list.

Nothing better to make some purchases. © ANDROIDPIT

4. VK

VK is the only site on this list that is not Chinese. It is a huge Russian social network that, by extension, is used in many other Russian-speaking countries like Kazakhstan. Without going into too much detail, it is very similar to Facebook: the user has a profile, contacts (called friends), you can upload photos and videos, join groups, etc.

In addition, of course, there is also an instant messaging program that allows you to chat live with the contacts. Maybe you already knew VK through its video platform, which, for a while, was used to broadcast content in streaming.

VK is the 15th most visited website according to Alexa.

5. Weibo

Followers of rumors and loyal readers of Surefire have already heard of Weibo : it is often through this platform that we get leaks about new devices. In short, Weibo (or Sina Weibo, citing his full name) is a kind of Chinese mix between Twitter and Facebook. It is also commonly called the “Chinese Twitter”, but, and this is good news for the curious, it is also available in English.

Although open to all, Weibo is specifically aimed at a young audience, since it is usually more inclined to know everything, about everyone and at all times. Although at first glance they seem to be competitors, Weibo is different from WeChat (from Tencent), which you may have heard of.

Weibo is Chinese Twitter. © ANDROIDPIT

Weibo is in 21st place at Alexa shortly after Instagram (18th) and before, among other things, at Linkedin (25th).

Did you know these sites? Have you tried their services?

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