With every upgrade, WhatsApp brings new enhancements to your messaging application, and now, thanks to its beta testing program, it is possible to test the new features that WhatsApp developers deploy before they reach the final release.

WhatsApp has two versions of the application. The stable version that reaches the world and the beta version for users beta tester.

Night mode for the camera

From Phone Radar comes a rumor that in upcoming versions of WhatsApp will include a night mode for the camera application. It has been discovered thanks to the page where you request the translations of the application where the title of a new camera button called “Night Mode” is requested, night mode as you have suspected. The description to help the translators explains that it is a button to improve the results of the camera in dark places or at night.

WhatsApp 2.17.252: Smart search for emojis

With the Beta version 2.17.238 this new function was incorporated to look for emojis quickly. Just type words like house, monkey or chicken will appear the emoji between the suggested words. This way it is much easier to look for an emoji without having to wreck among the hundreds of options. 

Search emoji whatsapp
Find your emoji just by typing it. / © AndroidPIT

WhatsApp Beta 2.17.164: New option to set chats

In this new version we can set our favorite conversations at the beginning of the chats tab. To set a conversation or group we only have to hold it for a second to activate the selection, select the chats that we want to have at the beginning and click on the icon of the pin.

AndroidPIT Set Chats
Click chat at the beginning. / © AndroidPIT

WhatsApp Beta 2.17.148: Menu to format text and translations

This improvement is a menu with which we will be able to format text with bold, italic, strikethrough and monospace (all letters are separated by a space) without having to enter the symbols that until now were necessary. Also for users with Google translate installed there is also a new option to translate directly on the fly before sending the message. To discover all these new options we must select a word or several before sending them and click on the three points of the editing menu.

Google translator

AndroidPIT WhatsApp new menu translate format
Bold, italic and easy, easy translations. / © AndroidPIT

WhatsApp Beta 2.17.125: Sends more than one contact at a time

In this  beta version of WhatsApp we find a new feature to send more than one contact at a time. In the new interface we can select several contacts and send them all at once. To do this, you only have to touch the icon of a meeting within a conversation, choose ‘contact’, select the ones you need and send.

Whatsapp contacts
Multiple contacts to send. / © AndroidPIT

WhatsApp Beta 2.17.111: Sending GIFs through Gboard

The Google keyboard, GBoard for friends, has emoji , GIFs and emojis in text. From this version of WhatsApp you can use the Google keyboard to send any of these three ways to express yourself. In order to use the GIF of Gboard you have to have the keyboard installed and to the right of the space bar you will find the symbol of an emoji. When you touch it, the available emojiswill appear and below we will be able to change to GIF. Choose one of the categories or search by typing to the right of the “G”.

AndroidPIT WhatsApp Gboard gif
GIFs from GBoard. / © AndroidPIT

WhatsApp Beta 2.17.93: Text states return

WhatsApp regrets and in this version brings back the traditional states of text that we can read under the names of our contacts. Of course it still keeps the new states with images and videos.

This new Beta version of WhatsApp also includes a change in the chats for faster access to video calls. So far if we wanted to start a video call from a chat we had to press the phone icon and choose one of two options: voice call or video call. From this versionan icon is added at the top to directly make a video call or a call without having to go through an intermediate selection.

Android whatsapp video call icon
Two icons for calls without middle menu. / © AndroidPIT

As you can see we do not have the clip icon to attach files to the conversation. This icon has moved to the right of the bar to enter text next to the camera icon (which has also changed shape). The menu with the different attachments now appears on the bottom where we have the keyboard and everything is much closer to the hand to facilitate the operation with one hand.

WhatsApp 2.17.63: They get the new states of WhatsApp

On the occasion of the eighth birthday of the application, February 24, WhatsApp states renew. Jan Koum, CEO and co-founder of the application says that since they started they had always had in mind to change the boring states where you can only write texts. As the day has now come with the new states you will be able to send images or videos encrypted also from end to end.

WhatsApp has long included in the application code this function but to be able to enjoy them we must wait for them to be activated from the server.

Whatsapp status
New animated states. / © WhatsApp

WhatsApp : Beta Version 2.17.13

If you’re one of the lucky few who already enjoy Android 7.0 Nougat on your smartphone , you’ve probably got your hands on your head every time you get a WhatsApp notification . The problem was that the answer option did not work properly and would disappear if you received a new notification. Now, thanks to this beta version this does not happen anymore.

Android whatsapp notifications nougat
New notifications of WhatsApp in Nougat. / © AndroidPIT

Next revoke messages feature

WhatsApp does not stop to develop new functions to offer its users still better service. The last breakthrough has been video calls but still have much to improve in the chat although it seems that not.

In the version beta for iOS there is hidden a new feature to revoke sending messages as we can see in this short video of @WABetaInfo. It is not clear when this function will arrive to Android and if the message will also be deleted in the chat of the recipient or is only a window of time to cancel the sending.

WhatsApp : Beta Version 2.16.386

With this new update we will not have any new functionality but we will be able to correct the bugs of the last update. To be able to download this update you have to be a WhatsApp Beta tester, so if you feel like trying it, go to the Play Store, and become a WhatsApp tester .

WhatsApp : Beta Version 2.16.367

This version brings one of the most practical functions of recent times. So far to see a video you had to download it to see it but from this version just by clicking on the video you just received will start playing it. The video has to be downloaded anyway but the playback is done in stream, that is, while downloading I was able to see.

WhatsApp : Stable version 2.16.351

This is the stable version of the application that already supports WhatsApp video calls . Since the official announcement, have said that video calls will be gradually activated for all users. If you still do not have them, do not worry, in a couple of days the server that gives you coverage will be ready to support this new feature of the most famous messaging application. The important thing now is to have the application updated.

WhatsApp : Beta Version 2.16.318

This is the long awaited version that has brought us the video calls of WhatsApp . With this version of the Beta program you can make video calls from the profile picture of a contact or from the phone icon inside a conversation.

AndroidPIT whatsapp video call 0043 3
WhatsApp video calls . / © AndroidPIT

WhatsApp : Version 2.16.281

A new feature has appeared in the latest update of WhatsApp Beta and is the possibility of sharing group invitation via link. This way we will no longer have to have the phone numbers of the participants. The link also allows other members of the group to share the invitation to the group without the need for the administrator to intervene.

Keep in mind that only the group administrator can generate the links. To create the link, enter the group information  and Add participant.  Then we must select the option to invite the group with link . Once this is done we will have several options: share it through WhatsApp , copy the link, share it or cancel it. It is also possible to print a group QR code.

Another new function that seems practical but in the long run we will see if it becomes part of the useless functions of WhatsApp .

Whatsapp links big
New option to manage group invitations. / © ANDROIDPIT

WhatsApp : Version 2.16.274

The latest update of WhatsApp in its version beta has updated the emoji and are now more like those we see in iOS 10. The differences are not abysmal. They are especially appreciated on the faces, which have a healthier and more human appearance. A well trained eye could also appreciate that the emoji have changed the color a bit and look sharper and as for new emojis , WhatsApp has changed the pistol, by a water gun as we found in iOS.

Whatsapp final1
The new emojis . / © ANDROIDPIT

WhatsApp : Version 2.16.269

If the version beta 2.16.263 of WhatsApp was possible to draw and add stickers to photos, the latest version beta can do exactly the same but on video, either live or recorded gallery from WhatsApp .

To test it you need to be beta tester of WhatsApp . If you are, download version 2.16.269 and you will see that, when sending video, new options will appear that will allow to add text, strokes and drawings.

How to always have the latest version of WhatsApp

WhatsApp Beta Tester

WhatsApp has a program for its more advanced users to become beta tester. In this way we will be able to enjoy the latest advances before they reach the rest of the public. To become a beta tester you just have to access this link , register with your Gmail account. It is very likely that these two new features appear in the final version of the application that is sent to the Play Store.

WhatsApp official version

There are two ways to have the most current version of this application. The first and simplest is through Google Play, where if the update button does not appear, you have the latest version available. However, it will not be the most modern, since WhatsApptakes to upload the new versions to Google Play, so to really have the most modern version you must follow the steps that I offer below:

Once this is done, you will have the latest version of WhatsApp installed in your terminal. I advise to do this procedure with the smartphone , since we will get rid of having to connect with the USB device and we will be able to install it directly.

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