Apple has introduced iOS 10 functions that are already known to Android users. And vice versa, with Android 7.1 features have been introduced that iOS users already knew. In this article we show how the two most important operating systems for smartphones are increasingly similar to each other.

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IOS 11 supports multi-tasking with drag and drop for texts. On Android you can also easily drag and drop blocks of text from one application to another. Using the example of Android O tuned for Google Pixel, we show that even possible with a smartphone. By the way, this function was already available even from Android Nougat, provided that the manufacturer of the smartphone had implemented in its Android version.

Smaller keyboards

In iOS you can make the keyboard appear smaller in size. To do this, hold down the button with the smiley face and select the half of the keyboard you want it to hide. In the case of the keyboard for Google GBoard this option is practically in the same place and works in the same way, holding down the comma key, which is also to the left of the space bar

Apple one handed keyboard vs gboard
GBoard also allows us to move the keyboard to one side. / © AndroidPIT

Indoor Maps

Apple Maps is a bit lagging behind other competing services like Here Maps or Google Maps and is trying to get better at navigating indoors. Apparently, in the United States works well, but in tests we did at Tegel airport in Berlin we found it faster to find the bathrooms with Google Maps.

Here maps raw gelaende
Here Maps has been dominating the navigation in interiors for years. / © ANDROIDPIT

Notifications on the lock screen

IOS 11 orders the notifications in order of entry. In the first tests we have done it seems that all notifications that arrived more than three hours ago are included within ‘older notifications’. These are not shown on the lock screen, but you must first slide them from below.

Betas android o vs ios 11 notifications
I like Android notifications more. / © AndroidPIT

Since the Android update to version 7.0 Nougat, it became mandatory to use the new notification system. It orders the notifications based on the applications that have generated them. They even offer immediate actions to respond quickly without opening the application. You can press and hold the notifications, to access the notifications settings of the corresponding application. This way I can configure the interrupts much faster than with iOS 11.

Betas android or vs ios 11 notifications2
You can answer the notifications directly. / © AndroidPIT

QR code in camera application

This was so obvious that it is difficult to understand how it had not been included for some time: Apple integrates the QR reader into the camera application. If you focus a 2D code with the camera application, you will receive a notification with the corresponding URL or a transcript of it so that you can read it.

Barcode ScannerOn Android, this feature is only available in camera applications from a few manufacturers. Often, users download QR readers, some of which contain advertisements, while others use your data to read and sell them.

Setup Wizard

The new Apple setup wizard is able to get the Apple ID and some additional settings from other nearby Apple devices. This is something that the Android setup wizard can also do, at least on the devices of most manufacturers. When you first launch the new Android device, the wizard can pair it with the old one via NFC, cable or other interface, to transfer accounts, images, SMS and other data to the new phone.

Android setup nearby device
Device settings can be started from the old Android device. / © AndroidPIT

App Store renews itself

The App Store happens to have a section titled ‘Today’ that shows you the news and special offers with a short text. Play Store, for its part, shows the promotions first, and below, also quite strikingly, the games. Android updates its Play Store regardless of major system updates, so it can evolve faster than the App Store.

App store vs play store 2017
App Store and Play Store are equally overloaded. / © AndroidPIT

Photo applications with new dynamic effects (live effects)

Apple captivates its users with great features in its application for photos. Google, however, has less optimized its application for the camera and relies on software developed by third parties. Already with Android Lollipop, the camera interface was revised, smoothing the way for the arrival of alternative professional photo applications. This allows RAW export, stabilized recording to fast camera (time-lapse) and augmented reality effects. The applications that give us all these possibilities are found in the Play Store. These can completely replace the default application of the camera, unlike what happens in iOS, so the user is no longer forced to rely on the original application, which for some tasks may be insufficient.

Control Center vs. Quick Settings

The control center is a good idea to provide fast access even on the lock screen. In iOS 11 you can finally choose which ones you want to be displayed. It is possible that at some point Apple also open access to these buttons for other developers.

Control center vs quick settings
Quick settings can be set right there. / © AndroidPIT

Android has long let us. From Android Nougat, other developers can already put buttons on the quick settings. In the video example you can see how it works with LastPass. In addition, the handling of quick settings is much more intuitive than the control center.

Browse files

Files is Apple’s answer to Android’s ‘Explore Files’. It must be recognized that the integration of services in the cloud is a very smart decision. Android, however, you can browse USB flash drives, external hard drives, micro-SD cards or even other smartphones with your browser. And Google Drive is also integrated there.

From here we show you functions that were already available in previous versions of the operating systems.

IOS features we already know about Android

Reply directly to notifications

At least on iPhone 6s and future iPhones with 3D Touch functionality, notifications will provide a new dimension of interaction. In iOS 10 you can interact directly with the notifications on the lock screen.

Quick response ios 10 android 7
Supported apps have interactive notifications. / © AndroidPIT

Android 7.0 Nougat also refines notifications. On the one hand, they are grouped by applications, and on the other, they expand the possibilities for interacting with them. Finally, they can be answered directly in the notification area, without having to open the application, instant messages or emails.

Send messages with voice commands

Siri, Apple’s voice assistant, is finally able to control applications. Say: “Write a message with Telegram” and Siri will ask who is addressed. This function is especially practical in the car, while using headphones or if you want to give the order in a quick way through the clock.

Voice command apps android 7 ios 10
“Hey Siri / OK Google: Write a message with Telegram!” / © AndroidPIT

Apple has finally decided to use the Siri interface for WeChat, Slack, WhatsApp, Ridebooking, Uber, Lyft and Didi. This particular feature can be used in all Siri languages when finished.

The Google Voice Assistant is also able to perform this function. We have prepared a list of Google voice commands.


As with Allo (the Google messaging service), iMessage is crazy. Write text messages in letters of different size or with invisible ink. Send messages with an animation, even in full screen. Send notes written by hand. Show links and videos as a preview, and play music instantly from the chat window. Find GIF animations appropriate to the conversation. You can even send money through iMessage.

Shout message android 7 ios 10
The user needs to control the volume for instant messages. / © AndroidPIT

IMessage functions work if both users are using iOS 10. Allo, however, is available for both platforms and multiple ve

Search for photos by keywords

If you want to tag photos in Google Photos, this is only possible through Cloud. If you use Google Photos without being online (offline mode), the automatic allocation of images is not available either. Google uses only its own AI (artificial intelligence), which in this way is learning and perfecting itself.

Tag photos ios 10 android 7
In theory, Apple tags your photos also without being online. / © AndroidPIT

Transport services integrated in Maps

For some time Google Maps can help you request a driver thanks to the integration of MyTaxi. In Apple Maps you can follow directly on the map the taxi, the Lyft or the Uber. In addition, you can pay directly through Apple Maps.

Maps ride android 7 ios 10
In both Apple and Google Maps you can request a driver and pay. / © AndroidPIT

Apple Home vs. Google Home

With its Home application, Apple provides a uniform interface for the automation of home devices. To date, manufacturers of hardware for IP timbres, remote controlled curtains and network lighting did not agree, or only partially, on the standards for this type of controls. Thus, the combined operation of devices from different manufacturers could be complicated. The result was that potential customers did not just decide to buy them.

A few weeks after the launch of Apple Home, Google countered, and renamed the Chromecast app to Google Home. It also aims to integrate intelligent devices for the home of different manufacturers. That this can bring order to the current chaos, is something to be seen.

Google Home

Android Nougat features that iOS users already know

Launcher shortcuts

In autumn of 2015 this feature was presented along with the Force Touch on the iPhone 6s. Android 7.1 Launcher Shortcuts mimic this feature. Hold down an icon and you will be provided with quick launch options, which launch a specific action with the application.

Launcher shortcuts android 7 ios 10
Launcher Shortcus initiates the application with a particular action. / © AndroidPIT

With Android you can customize the actions and save them as individual quick start icons on the main screen.

Night reading mode

Filters the blue of the screen. Night mode was incorporated with iOS 9.3 on iPhones. Android 7.1 has this, but with certain restrictions. It announced an update with which this mode would become a standard feature of Android. Let’s hope Google decides once and for all.

Multiventana and multitasking

Running two applications at a time on the small screen of the iPhone is not pleasant. While it is true that on many occasions, Android phones are not much larger. In these cases the added value is more evident. Even Android 7.0 has it and incorporates it into their smartphones, whenever the manufacturer enables it.

IOS also offers it, although Apple only enables it on some iPads. Smartphones, however, implement multitasking in a different way. If they have Force Touch, users should drag with a little pressure from the left edge to the right. This will open the application that was previously open. Users of Android 7, meanwhile, should double-click the button to get an overview of the application open, and thus quickly switch between two applications.

AndroidPIT iphone 7 vs google pixel 0806
The future is in the attendees. / © AndroidPIT


If we observe the development of the two systems, it gives the impression of being a tennis match. Ideas are like a ball being hit on the net, while each player expects the other to make a mistake. Only in this way can a Google or Apple point be written in front of their clients, who use these functions and therefore value their devices based on them.

What iOS feature would you like to have on Android, and what Android function on iOS? What new function, which we have not addressed here, have you taken care of?

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