The cell phone is no longer that device that only served to make calls and little more, over time the sensors and electronics inside have beenbecoming sophisticated to reach an unimaginable technical level when the first handset phones were launched to the market.

Cameras, GPS, FM radio, fingerprint readers, barometer, iris readers, compass, proximity sensors and light are some of the tools that today offers a quality smartphone, however, one of the most sought after features By users is the so-called gyroscope, which is only available in medium and high-end cell phones.


The gyroscope, also called gyroscope, is an electronic sensor welded on the motherboard of the phone, which although it is not essential for the operation of the cell phone, the fact is that it is a fundamental piece if we want to make use of any application or implementation whose axis is Virtual reality or augmented reality.

This is because the gyroscope, in a nutshell, helps the other cell phone sensors to calculate the exact position of the device in space. An example application that makes use of this technology more than clear is Pokémon GO, which we will not be able to use if we do not have gyroscope, as it makes intensive use of it for the location of the character on stage.

Other common uses of the gyroscope are the possibility to watch videos recorded in 360 ° using VR glasses, through which we can visualize the whole environment simply by moving the head, ie the smartphone, up, down, left and right without worrying about any Manual adjustment, since the gyroscope will be responsible for detecting the movement made and putting us at the right viewing angle with respect to our position.


We mentioned above that not all cell phones come equipped with a gyroscope factory,and unfortunately this electronic component is not something that we can install ourselves, not even a specialized technician, since if there is no place on the motherboard or telephone base For the same, nothing can be done.

Now, if we want to exploit the possibilities offered by virtual reality through a gyroscope, then we will have to acquire a cell phone with integrated gyroscope. Of this type of phones there are many on the market, all of them mid-high range, and therefore with a chord value.

Examples of phones with a gyroscope are the Motorola Moto G4, the Alcatel One Touch Pop 2, the Huawei P8 Lite, and of course the iPhone, among many others.


If we have a cell phone that fits the description, that is to say the mid-high range, but we do not know if it has a gyroscope, we can know for sure without this tool by installing a simple application to use, and that Besides being free, will inform us about the state of the other sensors with which the mobile phone counts.

This tool is called “Sensor Box”, and we can download it by clicking on this link. Once the app has been downloaded and installed, we run it, and immediately we will be in front of a screen with different boxes, representing the various sensors that the phone has. If our phone does not have a gyroscope, it will appear with a lock icon on top.

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