Over time tablets have become one of the most popular and used devices , there is no doubt about it. Big and small kids enjoy their features at all times, for the big ones are an indispensable tool thanks to the wide variety of applications that help with daily work or household duties, and for the kids they are an endless source of fun.

We know that there are hundreds of models of tablets in the market, of various sizes and also various prices, but surely we have noticed a type of tablet model, specifically those cheap tablets that offer a 10-inch screen, and are sold In the market for a fraction of the price of those of the same size but of recognized brands.

Cheap 10 inch Tablet

These cheap 10-inch tablets seem to be an ideal alternative when the budget is not enough to buy branded tablets like Lenovo or Samsung. In this sense, many will wonder if they are really a good investment, since their own price, really economic, seems to imply that the device will not live up to our requirements . Nothing further from reality, as we can see if we continue reading the rest of the article.

The cheap 10-inch tablets that are on the market today are really an alternative rather than excellent when we can not buy a 10-inch tablet of recognized brands.

They have an excellent capacity, most of them offer four cores and 1 Gb of RAM, which ensures a performance far beyond what we imagine for its price, offer a lot of storage capacity, which in almost all models reaches up to 16 Gb.

Cheap 10 inch Tablet

In addition many of these cheap 10-inch tablets offer dual camera , Bluetooth connections, memory card slot, which allows you to achieve up to 64 Gb of storage space, support for external modems, HDMI output, which allows us to connect them to the TV , USB and OTG USB connector, headphone output, ability to connect the tablet to a TV wirelessly and a battery that allows us to use the tablet for a good time and of course WiFi connection, among many other features, always depending on the Brand and price of the tablet.

Likewise, it is likely that the tablet has the latest version of Android available, which can leave us as a consequence a quite extensive device life, at least in terms of use of the software. This means that later versions of our favorite apps will be able to be used on these tablets for several years.

Cheap 10 inch Tablet

Of course the price will always depend on the hardware installed on the tablet, since it is not the same 512 Mb RAM as a 1 Gb when making such a device. But regardless of the small price differences, these cheap 10-inch tablets have everything offered by a brand-name tablet but at a fraction of the value of them. Undoubtedly an alternative to think.

However, not all cheap 10-inch tablets are the same, also in this section, there are brands that offer a superior quality to others for the same price. That is why we have to take some precaution when choosing a cheap tablet of 10 inches. For this reason, below these lines we have available a series of guidelines that will help us when deciding to buy a large cheap tablet.

Cheap 10 inch Tablet


One of the first things we have to do before buying a cheap 10 inch tablet is the support offered by both the seller and the manufacturer. This includes that the tablet is upgradeable, that in almost no case this is so, as we will see later in the article, but that the manufacturer or the seller offer solutions to problems or the possibility of downloading the manual says much of his responsibility with Regarding your product.

The same thing happens with the brands, although all these tablets are generic models of Chinese origin, the truth is that if we receive it in an attractive packaging, with their respective manuals and accessories like headphones, charger and others, we will be sure Is a carefully selected product, and therefore will work perfectly until the end of its useful life. In this regard, one of the best brands to take into account when choosing a cheap 10-inch tablet is Gadnic.

Cheap 10 inch Tablet

Other aspects to take into account when buying a cheap 10-inch tablet are the quality of construction, which as we could see above if we prefer to spend a little more but get a product with a recognized brand in this segment, this point is assured.

In addition, other important details to consider are the battery, which should at least offer 5000 mAh, as this will ensure a good duration of it, the resolution of the screen, which should at least be 1024 x 600, the Amount of RAM, which can be 512 Mb or 1 Gb, which depends on the use of the tablet, and of course the power and quantity of processor cores, which also depends on the same factor as RAM.

With regard to the connections offered by the cheap 10-inch tablet we want to buy , some of them such as OTG capacity, wireless screen or HDMI port, will also depend on the use we give the tablet. However the tablet, to be fully functional must have at least Bluetooth, WiFi and USB port to connect a pendrive. It would also be desirable a MicroSD slot,  to be able to connect memory cards , aspect that much of this type of tablets always offers.

Cheap 10 inch Tablet


Despite the many features and good performance of these cheap 10-inch tablets, the truth is that if they could offer what the big brands offer, the market value of them would be very different. This means that in many cases, we do not have the possibility of upgrading Android to a higher version. Of course the apps will always be able to update them, since they do not depend on the same update system as Android.

Another big problem with cheap 10-inch tablets is the image quality , which although it is not something that takes away the dream, especially if we use the tablet for tasks that do not require a higher definition, we can always avoid If we weigh it with the rest of the characteristics offered by this market segment of cheap tablets.

Cheap 10 inch Tablet

At this point, the answer to the question about whether or not we should buy a cheap 10-inch tablet, is a resounding yes, as long as we take the necessary precautions and we are sure of what will be its use.

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