Those who just started in the Android world, surely as it has happened to us all, will face an operating system that through mobile platforms, such as smartphones and tablets, can be made the most diverse chores.

In short, an Android phone will not only serve to make calls or send and receive messages, but we can go much further thanks to the utilities that gives us, which can make the device into a true center of multimedia entertainment, and At the same time a terminal to perform various processes related to our work.

Set up new phone

At this point, when we first have an Android Smartphone in our hands, it is important to take into account some of the basic tools that will allow us to get the most out of the computer, among which we highlight the various services provided by Google.

Touchphone in female hands

Touchphone in female hands

From the possibility of managing and organizing our email with Gmail, browsing the Internet with Chrome, using voice commands and editing programs, even tools to keep our operations and files safe, Google offers us a great deal of Range of applications, which will allow us to significantly improve the use we give to our new smartphone.

Geolocation with Google Maps

The use of Google Maps through our Android Smartphone can be very useful. Usually, almost all current devices, since the version of Android 4.1, include this app factory.

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At this point it is important to keep in mind that with Google Maps we can register the addresses that we use frequently, such as our home and our workplace, and in this way we can make our daily journey becomes more effective, easy And fast, since we can thus obtain, among other things, data on traffic conditions.

To add our frequent addresses in Google Maps we must carry out the following steps:

  • We run Google Maps.
  • Display the menu by sliding the screen to the right.
  • We click on “Your sites”.

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  • We chose the corresponding label (Home or Work) to set the address.
  • Enter the postal address and go.

Multiple accounts in Gmail

With the email service and the Google application we can not only have all updates to our email box instantly on our Android device, but we can also use the option to add multiple Gmail accounts.

Adding multiple email accounts in Gmail is really simple, we just need to perform the following steps:

  • We open the Gmail or Inbox application, either of the two apps we are using.

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  • Click on the menu icon or slide the screen to the right so that the options menu is displayed.
  • Click on the arrow that is next to our username.
  • Click on the “Add account” item.

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  • Enter the data requested by Google and ready.

From now on, when we want to switch between accounts, we just have to click the arrow next to our username.

Reading Priority Mails

Both Gmail and the new Inbox allow us to keep our email organized, and within the parameters provided by the application for them, we can also tag some of the emails received as a priority.

In order to be able to order the emails in order that those we wish are of priority for their reading, we must carry out the following steps:

Set up new phone

  • We open Gmail.
  • Click on one of the messages whose recipient is a priority reading.
  • We then move the message to the “Personal” category .
  • Click on the menu icon and there to the item “Change labels”.
  • Finally we move the message to the highlighted section so that all the emails of that contact are displayed as a priority.

Create notes and update calendar

When we use an Android device for the first time, one of the applications developed by Google that is highly recommended to install is Google Keep , because with this tool we can create notes, lists and reminders easily and quickly.

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Just by pressing a few times on the screen of the device, we can create, edit and visualize all the annotations we want, and at the same time when creating a note we can turn it into a reminder, just like a calendar, but much more Clean and organized.

Access old photos with the new phone

If what we are going to do is replace our phone with a new Android Smartphone, it is important that we make a backup of the photos stored in the old device, so that we can access them from the new computer.

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For this we can use the free Google Photos application, for which we must configure it as follows.

  • We opened the Google Photos app.
  • Display the menu by scrolling the screen to the right.
  • We go to “Settings” and there we click on the item “Create backup and synchronize”.

Set up new phone

  • When we run the Google Photos app on the new Smartphone, we will find the images that were stored on the old device.

Data storage with Drive

All of our documents, photos, videos, music files and so on may be permanently protected with Google Drive, so it is recommended to install this application on the new Android device we have purchased.

Once installed Google Drive we will be able to upload different files, so that they are protected in the Cloud , for which we will do the following:

  • We opened Google Drive.
  • Press the “+” button, which is located to the right of the screen.

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  • In the box that is displayed we can choose to upload a file or folder, scan an item, create documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

All this will be stored in the Cloud, after which we can access these files from any device or computer that has Google Drive.

Sync Android with PC

For beginners in the Android world, it ‘s important to note that if we use the same user account both on the Android device’s Chrome browser and on the Chrome browser on the PC, we can easily access our bookmarks and our history Personal navigation.

Cards to keep up to date

An excellent option for those who are interested in keeping up to date and knowing the news in real time is to take advantage of the benefits of Google Now cards.

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To configure these cards , we must do the following:

  • We open “Google Settings”.
  • Click on the “Search and Google Now” item.
  • Then click on “Now Cards”, and a series of options will be displayed that we can configure for a better use of the cards.

Control the device by voice

Most of today’s Android devices include the ability to use the Google Now tool to controlthe device through our voice, without having to touch it with our hands.

In order to enable Google Now, and from there to be able to say “Ok Google” to start the voice commands, we must carry out the following steps:

  • We open “Google Settings”.
  • Click on the “Search and Google Now” item.
  • Then press “Voice”.

Set up new phone

  • Then click on “Detect OK Google”.
  • A series of options will be displayed, among which we will be able to choose when to use the “OK Google” voice command .

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