With the Google translator you can become a true polyglot. Well, maybe it’s a bit exaggerated, but at least you’ll be able to find out a lot of the information that comes to you in another language, however difficult it is. Here are the  main features of Google Translator and its latest updates .

More useful features of Google Translate

Simultaneous Translator with Gboard

We can write text in other languages thanks to the keyboard of Google, Gboard, and Google Translate. Just install the keyboard, if you do not already have it, and when you want to write text in another language press the “G” keypad and choose the Google Translate icon. Now you can choose the language to which you want to translate what is written and ready to write.

Google gboard translator
Translate directly from the keyboard. / © AndroidPIT

Google Translator Dictionary

In the Google Translator application we can not only search for words in another language. But also we can consult the definitions of the words and does not offer some synonyms or alternative translations. We can also mark these words as favorites to re-consult them in the vocabulary tab.

Google translate dictionary
Also with definitions and synonyms. / © AndroidPIT

Real-time translation using camera

With the new version of Google Translate you can get the translation of a text in real time, simply pointing the camera of your Android to a plaque, menu, label, tag or web of your browser. Much has been said about this feature, but now it has been optimized and is closer to being a more accurate translation (within what this translator can offer, of course).

Google translate translator
Using the phone’s camera you can translate anything in real time. / © AndroidPIT

Tap to translate (translation within any application)

Can you imagine that you are in a Whatsapp conversation and do not understand what your interlocutor says in English for not understanding some of the words? Well, with Google Translate you can translate the words that are displayed in any application.

To grant permission to the application to be able to enter other applications we must go to Settings> Applications , touch up on the gear Write about other applications> Translator and activate the permission.

Androidpit touch to translate 01
Give permissions to Translator. / © ANDROIDPIT

Now we will activate the ‘Tap to translate’ function in the Translator application in Settings> Tap to translate and activate the two ‘Enable Tap to Translate’ and ‘Show notification’ tabs. Here we can also choose the preferred languages to download.

Androidpit touch to translate 02
Activate the option. / © ANDROIDPIT

We have tried ‘Touch to Translate’ in various applications and it is a real relief for people who have to handle multiple languages and especially if it is one that you do not know thoroughly. It works simply by copying a text in another language and immediately appears a circle to the right with the Translator logo, when you touch it another window appears with the original and the translation.

Androidpit tap to translate 03
Translate! / © ANDROIDPIT

This function can be used without data connection. To do this you will need to download the language packs in advance.

Google Translate in offline mode

This is another function you need to know is the use of the application to do offline translations. Now the language files have been reduced in size, which will save some storage on your device, especially if you download several language packs.

To activate the offline mode you only have to access the menu and press the third option called “Offline translation”, and here you will be able to download all the language packs you need.

How to have the latest version of Google Translator on Android

To get the most current and stable version of Google Translator on your Android, just go to Google Play and install the application, or update it to the latest version if you already have it installed.

Google translatorShortly before the release of a new version of Google Translate for Android this is usually filtered in APK Mirror , so if you are very impatient you can download your APK file and install without waiting.

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