Inside your smartphone are hidden more things than you think. These tips and hidden tricks will allow you to bring to light a potential you have not yet used. With or without application: you have to prove what we are going to show you. Update: The Android Easter-Egg now allows playing with more users.

Easter-Egg Eggs for everyone

The Easter-Egg of Android 6 Marshmallow lets you play simultaneously with friends on a single screen and is somewhat easier than the Android 5 Lollipop. Under “Phone information”, tap the Android version several times . Then hold down on the M. Press up on the plus, until there are enough players and start the game.

Flappy bird multiplayer easter egg
Easter-egg for several players. / © ANDROIDPIT

In Android 7 Nougat the Easter egg does not have as much action and is more like a tamagochi. The only thing you can do with him is collecting cats.

Nougat easter egg
No more homage to flappy bird. / © AndroidPIT

Use the built-in file browser

You probably do not need any additional file scanning applications . Go to “Settings”, and under “Storage and USB”, choose “Scan”. You can then scan the file system and manage the files.

Androidpit file commander app
Since Android 6 there is already an integrated browser. / © ANDROIDPIT

Connect via WPS-Push to Wi-Fi wireless network faster

Did you know that you can connect to secure Wi-Fi networks without entering the password? There is a button on the router that saves you having to look up the Wi-Fi password and the tedious task of typing it. Sometimes put “Register”, “WPS / Reset” or simply the icon with two arrows, as shown in the photo below:

Wps push hero
The WPS-Push button helps to quickly connect to many routers and smartphones. / © ANDROIDPIT

Behind this is a protected Wi-Fi configuration; A simple authentication method, whereby everyone who clicks on their device the corresponding button, has access to the wireless router for a short period of time. Enter the Wi-Fi menu in your smartphone, open the advanced options and click on the “WPS Button” option. The connection should be established in a few seconds.

Accelerated animations

Enter “Development Options” and set all animation times to 0.5. From there, the menus work twice as fast and allow the phone to feel “overclocked”.

Android developer options
In the “Development Options” you can find simple Tweaks for Android ./ © ANDROIDPIT

Anchor important settings on the home screen

Is there something in the configuration that you open very often? Whether it’s dual SIM, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi management: the setup application has a 1×1 widget that gives you quick access. Put it on the home screen.

Android settings widget huawei mate 9
The Widgets for the configuration are the most! / © AndroidPIT

Manage your smartphone with the mouse

Did you break the screen and not detect when you click on it? Or do you feel like throwing Open TTD games, but you do not have the patience to handle it with the touch screen? Connect a USB mouse. All you need is an OTG cable , and you can start using the mouse. In the adapter you can connect game controllers (GamePads), USB drives and more. Do it while sticking your tongue out to your friends who have an iPhone. Here you can find adapters for micro-USB OTG, and here to type C .

Android Control a phone with a mouse 1
Android also has a mouse cursor. / © AndroidPIT

Use the new features of the Android update

In major operating system updates, small innovations are sometimes overlooked and therefore not used. Many of them are practical and are quite good. In the case of Marshmallow there is a rather ingenious reporting function. The “union” of individual applications is also very good. In Nougat the split screen is a bypass, so you can finally watch YouTube videos while chatting on WhatsApp.

Using secret codes

Manufacturers of smartphones and providers also provide codes that you can enter through the numeric keypad of the phone application. This way you can disconnect the voicemail, view the IMEI or enter secret menus. Naturally we have a list of known GSM and USSD codes .

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