As time goes by and new computer equipment becomes part of our lives,we are looking for the simplest ways to use these devices as users, and above all we try to find what allows us to obtain the Greater convenience, as well as having an excellent user experience. That is precisely what happens with Bluetooth, and in it lies the great success that has achieved in the last decade.

The main feature of Bluetooth in the everyday computer world is that it isbasically a technology that allows you to connect two devices without using cables or special connectors for it.

How to connect Bluetooth

Currently Bluetooth technology has gained a lot of fans, especially among those who use mobile phones such as Android, and it is possible that we connect our smartphone with the PC through Bluetooth to perform various tasks, such as music From computer to mobile.

But in addition we can also make use of Bluetooth technology through a variety of objects such as headphones, microphones, mouse, keyboard, speakers, watches, and even we can not only incorporate Bluetooth to a PC just by connecting a small receiver in one Of its USB ports, but we can also do the same in our car .

How to connect Bluetooth

The truth is that today Bluetooth is everywhere, and it is a technology that we should take advantage of when we use our smartphone all the time. Well, here we tell you how the procedure to activate Bluetooth on the mobile, and to choose the device that we want to connect at a specific time to the smartphone.


When we have a Bluetooth accessory, such as a speaker or headphones, and we want to connect them to our Android phone, what we should do in principle is to activate Bluetooth.

The procedure for this is extremely simple. Here’s how to enable Bluetooth on your Android device.

How to connect Bluetooth

Step 1: On our Android device we will display the notification bar, which is located at the top of the screen, and within the various functionalities that are there, we will find the Bluetooth symbol, which is similar to two triangles together pointing To the right and form a “B”.

Step 2: To activate it, all we have to do is click on that icon, and automatically Bluetooth will turn on and connect with the last device we connected, and the one that is nearby.


When we need to connect a Bluetooth device to our Android smartphone or tablet for the first time, or when we want to choose which of the nearby Bluetooth devices we want to find, then we must do the following.

How to connect Bluetooth

Step 1: We go to Android Phone Settings and click on the “Bluetooth” section.

Step 2: Once there, we activate Bluetooth and wait for the Bluetooth device to be found nearby.

How to connect Bluetooth

Step 3: When we are in front of the list of nearby Bluetooth devices that we can connect to our smartphone, we choose the one we are looking for and click on the desired Bluetooth device.

How to connect Bluetooth

After that we wait a few seconds until finally the Bluetooth device in question has been correctly connected to our phone, and ready, we can begin to enjoy the advantages ofthis wireless technology.

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