There is no doubt that wireless connections, especially WiFi, have become the most used method by users around the world to create computer networks and access the websites and services provided on the Internet. This is fundamentally due to the convenience of being able to communicate with other devices without the need for cables between them, with all the benefits that this entails.

However, in some cases it may happen that we do not have in the vicinity of a Wi-Fi router capable of offering us the possibility to connect to the Internet wirelessly, and that we only have an Ethernet type connection, ie wired, without Possibility to connect it to a cell phone. We also have to give that we do not have balance in the cell phone to use the Internet by connecting the data of the same.

In these cases, in case we have a notebook or desktop computer with a Wi-Fi network card, we can convert these computers into Wi-Fi access points, which would allow us to share the Internet from the PC with the Cellular and other devices that use Wi-Fi to connect to the Internet in the same way that we would connect if we had a wireless router.


To turn a computer into a Wi-Fi access point to be able to connect a cell phone , we will basically need a computer that has a Wi-Fi network card or a notebook, which usually have a Wi-Fi card From its design.

In addition to the computer, we will also need the software component, ie an application, which will be in charge of managing what is necessary so that the task of Internet sharing from the PC to the cell phone is as simple and transparent as possible.

While there are many apps that do this task, the truth is that the one we have selected for this tutorial enjoys a fairly high popularity, especially for its ease of use and performance.

The application in question is called Free WiFi HotSpot, and it is a free software and with an excellent behavior, stability and with a graphical interface really intuitive, so it is very simple and pleasant to use it. It also takes security very seriously. All these points are in favor so that we can not find a negative comment regarding it.


Once we have already collected everything we need, we can start with the first steps of the task of sharing Wi-Fi with the cell phone and all other devices, and for this the only thing we have to do is follow the steps that are detailed to continuation.

Step 1: The first step we have to give is to download Free WiFi Hotspot, which we can find for free by clicking on this link.

Step 2: After downloading, we installed it, not without first unchecking the third party software that the program will try to install. At this point, as soon as the installation begins, a couple of windows will appear suggesting that we install a certain software.

To not install them, which could become an entry point for malware and other threats,press the “Decline” buttons , then click on the links marked “Click here” and then uncheck the check boxes next to the name Software that the wizard wants to install. When we finish this step, we execute it to start sharing the Wi-Fi connection of the computer with the cell phone.

Step 3: Once we have run it, we will have to configure Free WiFi HotSpot. To do this, we will start with the first field, the name that will have the connection to which we will connect our cell phone. It will also be necessary to enter a password with which to protect the connection against any intruder who wants to access it without permission.

Step 4: After that we will have to select the type of Internet connection that we want to share with the cell phone and other devices. To do this, click on the drop-down menu next to “Share” and select the appropriate option, in this case Wi-Fi.

Step 5: When we have just set up Free WiFi HotSpot, to start sharing the Wi-Fi connection with other devices from our PC, all that is left is to press the “Start” button ,which will immediately implement the connection.

Step 6: Once we have completed all necessary steps, it’s time to check that the Wi-Fi connection we just created is available, visible and that can be used by the cell phoneand other devices without problems.

At this point it should be noted that the computer on which we created the access point for sharing Wi-FI with Free WiFi HotSpot will not be able to connect to that point, so it will be necessary to do these checks from a device such as a tablet or smartphone that can Connect to the access point.

In addition to being one of the most interesting tools to create Wi-Fi access points on the market with which to convert a desktop PC or laptop into a Hotspot, Free WiFi Hotspot offers other features that the most advanced users will appreciate in this Type of implementations, such as information about the IP addresses of the network , the channels used and the number of clients connected to the software, all of which can be found by clicking on the “Info” button .

Without doubt Free WiFi Hotspot is one of the most effective programs of its type that we can find in the market, and also one of the simple to use, ideal for all those users who do not want to complicate life using the command symbol or other tools More complex.

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