Surely Google Play Store is one of the applications we use most on our Android devices, especially the first few days we launch a new phone or tablet, since from this tool we can find all the applications that we want to install on our computer .

We could say that the Google Play Store is an endless universe of applications for Android, because the truth is that virtually any tool that we need and look at the store, no doubt we will find the most diverse options to choose from.


However, the fact is that most users despite the use of the Play Store on a frequent basis, are not enough to get the most out of the tool , as it really gives us the possibility of configurations according to our needs, but Many times these features are overlooked.

Well, in this article we will tell you some guidelines that will allow you to get the most out of the Google Play Store.

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Within the options offered by the Play Store through its Settings section, we can make a series of very interesting settings , such as changing password preferences to protect our account.

To do this, once the Play Store app is launched, click on the menu icon and go to the “Settings” item Once there, we look for the option “Request authentication to make purchases” and click on this item.

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It is important to mention that while in most cases, by default Google Play will ask us to enter our user password every time an app or other product is purchased in the Google store , the fact is that it can This option is not activated, or we want to buy items from the store without being asked for the password every time we do.

Precisely, clicking on this item will see that a box is displayed in which we can configure this option.

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It should be noted that if we opt for the system does not ask us for a password before a purchase, this may increase the risk of unauthorized purchases, which of course we must also take into account.


All the applications we install on Android request certain permissions to work, which usually has to do with permissions to access the camera, our contacts, photos, our location and so on, so that whenever we click on the install button Will display a box for us to approve the permissions that the app requests.

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The truth is that we can know what permissions an application requires before starting the download and installation process. To do this, it is enough that once we are in the page of the app that we are going to install from the Play Store, we slide down where we will find the item “Information about permissions”, on which we must press.

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A new window will then be displayed, detailing all the permissions that the tool requires when it is installed.


By default, the Android system automatically downloads and installs updates to applications installed on our device in the background, and the fact is that this can be very useful, since we do not have to worry about remembering to update the apps.

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However, many users want to have control over what is installed on their devices, so we always have the possibility to configure the updates, for which we go to “Settings” in the Play Store, and in the section “General” click on “Automatically update”.

It will display a box in which we can choose between automatic non-updating, automatic updating only when we are connected via Wi-Fi, or allowing the system to download and install updates at any time, even when we are connected by data.

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Whether we lend our Android device to our children or have their own Android device , itis advisable to establish certain parental controls that allow us to keep track and control what our children can download from the Play Store.

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In order to set download restrictions on the Google Play Store, we must open the menu and go to the “Settings” section. As we slide into the configuration page, we will find the item “Parental Controls” within the “User Controls” area.

Click on the item “Parental Controls” and a new screen will appear in which we can activate or deactivate this function, for which the system will ask us to enter a content PIN.


In this way we will be able to have total control over the limitations on the download of applications, games, movies, television programs, books and music that our children consume.


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As we all know, in the Google Play Store a lot of applications can be downloaded and installed without having to pay for it, however there are also a huge amount of applications, games, movies, books and others that we must pay to enjoy .

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The truth is that it is always possible to find some good deals. To do this, it is best to search the Play Store on the home page, since daily there are the applications and products that are within the parameters suggested by the system.

However, while the Play Store does offer some offers, the truth is that there are other places to check. One of them is the Google Play Deals space on Reddit , which can be found in this link , and where we will find a list of new offers that is updated permanently.

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We can also find on Deal News page, in the section on Google Play , this link , where you can also find promotions, offers and discount vouchers for items sold in the Play Store.

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