Those who in their youth and childhood had only a valve radio, or at best a television with black and white images that allowed only access to less than twenty channels,today observe surprised the enormous progress that has given Technology in the last 30 years.

And of course those of us who are younger and have parents or grandparents of the elderly, we will certainly see with good eyes give them a smartphone or a tablet, not only to keep us in touch with them, but also to use them as a source of entertainment .


The downside is that for many older adults these technologies can become intimidating and incomprehensible, so it is always advisable to have patience and teach them everything they can do with a simple and small Android device.

Android for older adults

Of course for this in principle will be necessary to give them a suitable equipment, ie something that does not have a screen less than 5 inches, but also will require that we make hundreds changes in the configuration of the Android device, especially with regard to the Interface, in order to facilitate their use.

Fortunately, there is now an enormous amount of applications for Android that have been developed precisely to improve the experience of use in the elderly, as well as possibilities of configuring devices for it. Here are some basic tips for customizing an Android smartphone or tablet for use by an older adult.

Increase font size

This configuration possibility is not only useful for older adults, it can also be an excellent choice for those who suffer from visual impairment.

Android for older adults

Fortunately, one of the great advantages of the Android operating system is that it allows us to access and configure various aspects related to accessibility, ideal for people with hearing and visual disabilities.

Precisely for those with problems in the eyes, a notable improvement in the use of Android devices is to be able to modify the size of the texts, for which we must increase the size of the font, which we will do as follows:

Step 1: We go to “Settings” of our device, then in the “System” section click on “Accessibility”.

Android for older adults

Step 2: There we will find an item called “Big Text” on which we must click in order for the box to be checked.

A very good option is also to increase the brightness of the screen, since that will allow us to achieve a better visualization. To do this we must do the following:

Step 1: Go to “Settings” of the device, and in the section “Device” click on the item “Display”.

Android for older adults

Step 2: Once there click on “Brightness” from where we can modify to our taste the intensity of the screen brightness.

Keyboard and launcher

Within the improvements regarding the visibility of the content on screen in Android devices, both the keyboard and the launcher that we use will allow us to achieve optimal results.

In this sense, it is best to simplify the Android user interface, through the installation of an application launcher and a more complete and large keyboard .

Among the most recommended launchers for this, Big Launcher is one of the best options, since among other features it has a simple and fast interface, is easily configurable and includes icons of increased size, quick access to phone functions, convenient editor SMS, full screen notifications and password protection.

Android for older adults

It also has a series of high contrast color schemes and three different letter sizes. It also includes support for the Talkback screen reader , which enables blind people to use Android devices without any inconvenience.

We can download the free version of Big Launcher from here , or the full payment version from this link .

When it comes to keyboards, the truth is that in the Android market there is a huge amount of options to choose from. Within them, one of the best is Big Buttons Keyboard Standard, which we can download free from this link .

Android for older adults

As its name implies, Big Buttons includes large-sized keyboard buttons , and while it responds best in landscape mode, we can also use it vertically.

More Android Apps

Once we’ve improved the visibility of the graphical interface of your Android smartphone or tablet through the settings mentioned above, we can begin to evaluate the installation of apps that can be useful for the older adult in the family.

In addition to the conventional applications that can be used in the same way as our parents or grandparents, an excellent option is to install on your Android devices some tools to keep health controlled.

Here are some apps that can be very useful in this regard.

Diabetes – Glucose diary: In general it is a tool that allows to trace and analyze the data related to the level of glucose in the blood. In addition it allows to send the data collected to the general practitioner. You can download the app on this link .

Android for older adults

Blood pressure: Like the previous tool, it allows us to have a monitoring and analysis of blood pressure, and also gives us the possibility to send the data to the doctor and create complete reports in PDF. Find this app here .

Emergencies: This is a fundamental app, since it allows the user to have on hand immediately the possibility of making an emergency call. Through the configuration of the data regarding the contacts it is possible to call quickly so that the person is rescued. In addition, it allows to add information regarding the blood group, history of diseases and allergies, as well as the medications that the patient takes. You can find the app in this link .

Medisafe: It is basically a kind of virtual pillbox, as it allows us to remember whether we have taken the remedies or not, and at what time we should take them, for which it includes reminders and notifications. Download the free app here .

Android for older adults

In addition to health, another of the precautions we must have at the time our parents or grandparents access an Android smartphone or tablet is not to become victims of cyber scams.

For this it is advisable to lock the device with a password, or better yet use a childproof lock application for access to certain applications.

In this case, one of the best options is App Lock, which we can find in this link , as this tool allows us to block access to certain applications, such as the Google Play Store, and thus prevent our parents or grandparents End up buying things they do not want or installing some harmful software.

Android for older adults

Of course you will also need to install some antivirus .

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