We use frequently Android devices,we know that fortunately this is a very stable operating system,especially compared to others of its kind, and also because of the protection it offers us in relation to the proliferation of malware is also A very reliable platform.

However, as with all software platforms that depend on many factors for its proper operation, and even if the hardware is in the optimum state, on Android it may happen that we sometimes encounter certain problems. 

Fortunately, most of the inconveniences and failures that may arise in the proper functioning of the Android operating system can be solved in a simple way, through a series of actions, which can even be carried out by the More inexperienced users.

If you have run into a bug that is more common in Android devices, here we tell you how to fix it.

Problems with Google Play Store

The Google Play store is essential for us to be able to install new tools on our Android devices, so we need the Play Store application to work properly, but there is a possibility that sometimes it will generate some flaws in this regard.

One of the most frequent drawbacks is that the Play Store stops working, ie when we run it does not respond as it should. This failure usually occurs because the application’s cache is corrupt.

In this sense, the easiest solution would be to clear the cache, for which in principle we go to “Settings”, there to the section “Applications”, in this window we slide to the screen that shows all installed apps and there We look for Google Play Store, click on it and then on the button “Clear cache”.

Once this is done, it’s a good idea to restart the Android device.

In the event that this operation does not work, we can also choose to clean the data in the Google Play Store , or even the cache of services Google Play and Services Framework Google.

What can we do when the Google Play Store works but does not allow us to download applications? Well, to solve this problem we can also choose to clear the Google Play cache, and we can also delete your history.

Just to clear the history in the Google Play Store, what we have to do is to run the Play Store application, in the menu go to “Settings”, and in the window that displays click on the item “Clear local search history” .

In some cases users are surprised by the reality that the Google Play Store no longer exists on the device, and even though they look for it and can not find the application, the first thing they think is that it has been uninstalled .

At this point it is important to note that there is no possibility of uninstalling the Play Store without access to root, so if we have not made mistakes when rooting our equipment, most likely the Play Store is simply disabled, for Which we must make it re-activate.

To do this, we go to “Settings”, then to “Applications”, we slide the screen to the right to find the section “Disabled”, there we look for Google Play Store and click on the app. Then click on the “Enable” button .

On other occasions, the problem is not necessarily so simple. Failure to update the Play Store may stop because the new version of the app does not run properly on the device.

To solve this problem we will need to install an older version of the Play Store, which we must do through the installation of the APK. We can find all versions of the Play Store in this link .

Problems with memory and storage

One of the most recurring errors in Android devices is usually given by the insufficiency in the storage space of the computer. This usually happens when we try to download a new application.

The first thing to know is that Android establishes a certain storage space for applications, and that we as users do not have the possibility to expand this capacity, so even when the computer informs us that there is internal storage space, you can Which for the installation of apps is not so.

When we get to this point, it is best to uninstall those applications that we do not use, although here we must keep in mind that many tools store files at different points in the storage of the device, so it is best to use Clean Master , Of the best apps of its kind.

Notably, as we all know, Android devices tend to work better when they have fewer applications installed, so it is often the case that when you buy a new Smartphone or Tablet as time goes by and install applications, the computer Returns slower and slower.

This is related to the data stored and the cache of each app, which we can solve with Clean Master, but also because some applications run in the background, even when we are not using them.

That is why it is best to get rid of those apps that we do not usually use, for which we go to “Settings”, then “Applications”, we search there that we can uninstall because we do not use, click on each one, and Last click on the “Uninstall” button .

It is convenient to press the “Force Stop” button, then uncheck the “Show notifications”option , then the “Delete data” button and finally “Uninstall”, as this will also ensure that no data is stored Or cache the app we no longer want on our device.

It is always important to keep in mind that we can extend the storage space in our device with the addition of an SD memory card, since in addition many apps allow to be moved to this external unit.

To do so, again we go to “Settings”, then “Applications” and there we click on the applications to check which can be transferred to the memory card. Those that allow this operation will have the button “Move to the SD card”, as seen in the previous image.

However, it can happen that sometimes the Android system can not read the external memory card, which can happen for several reasons.

When this problem arises, one of the solutions is to format the SD card from Android.To do this we go to “Settings”, then to “Storage” section, we move to the bottom of the screen until you find the “Format SD card” option and click on it. Then select “Format SD Card” again.

In case this procedure does not work, it is best to remove the memory card from the Android device and format it on the PC.

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