Although the Android operating system has proved to be really stable,and as time goes by and new versions are released the platform improves its operation and tries to eliminate the problems, the truth is that there are some disadvantages that we can have mainly with the operation of the applications.

Unfortunately one of the applications that frequently present problems frequently is the Google Play Store , which presents problems with different codes, sometimes we can not download apps.

Google Play Errors

It is likely that we happened to want to download and install an application from the Google Play Store to display a box showing an error accompanied by a specific code,preventing the download, and the fact is that ordinary users generally do not know what the Meaning of these codes, so they can not solve the problem.

That’s why we tell you here the basic meaning of Google Play error codes and how to solve the problems they present.

Error 101

The “Error 101” indicates that ” it is not possible facilities as there are many applications installed , “ and to solve this problem we need to do is to uninstall the apps that you no longer use.

Google Play Errors

If the problem persists, then it’s a good idea to clean your Google Play Store app data by going to “Settings” on the device, clicking on “Applications”, moving to the “All” tab ,selecting “Google Play Store “ and once there click on the ” Force Stop “button, and then on the ” Clear Cache “button.

Error 403

When this code comes up, it tells us that “you can not download the application because there is a potential conflict of Google accounts” is because if we downloaded an app on the device with our account, we will not be able to use it with another account. This happens when a device is used with multiple Google accounts.

Google Play Errors

What we must do then is open the Google Play Store using the account with which we want to use the application that we will download, and this way we can perform the installation procedure.

Error 413

This error tells us that “you can not do downloads and updates”, and to solve it we must go to “Settings” of the device, then click on the “Applications” section and move to the “All” tab , where we should look for “Services” Of Google Play “, once there to force the arrest and erase the cache.

Google Play Errors

Then we must repeat this procedure with “Google Play Store” and also do the same with the browser cache.

Error 481

This code refers to an “error in the Google account”, and the fact is that unfortunately the only way to solve this problem is to delete our account and log in again.

Error 492

Error 492 tells us that “an application can not be installed due to the Dalvik cache”, and in the face of this problem we must force the detention and delete the “Google Play Services” cache , through the aforementioned procedure, after Which we must also force arrest and clear the Google Play Store cache .

However the problem may persist, before we must remove the Dalvik cache, enter the recovery mode. Note that most Android devices access the recovery mode by pressing simultaneously the power, start and less volume buttons.

Google Play Errors

Once we enter the recovery mode we must clean all the data by doing a factory restore .

Error 498

With this code the system tells us that “the cache is full and the downloads are interrupted”, and what we must do in this case is to force the stop and erase the “Google Play Store” cache , and then move some applications to the External memory card.

It is also convenient to eliminate those apps that we no longer use, as well as disused files, in order to free up storage space .

Error 495

Error 495 points out that there are “problems downloading applications and games”,and the truth is that the quickest solution to this problem is to force the stop and clear the cache of “Google Play Store.”

Google Play Errors

This procedure may not work, so it is best to proceed to delete our Google account,then restart the Android device, and finally re-add the Google account.

Error 911

This code tells us that “the application can not be downloaded due to a 911 error”, so in principle we must carry out the corresponding procedure to force the stop and clear the cache of the Google Play Store service.

Google Play Errors

However this is probably not going to solve the problem, so if the problem continues the best is to try to use another Wi-Fi network to download, this usually happens especially when we want to download an app while we are connected to a mobile connection .

Error 919

This code tells us that “you can not install any application”, and the truth is that this is an error that always appears when we use a mobile network to download apps, so it is convenient to connect to a Wi-Fi network, or Or change the names of access points.

Google Play Errors

To do this we go to “Settings”, then click on ” Wireless and networks ” and then on “Mobile networks”, from where we can change the Internet access point.

Error 920

To solve this problem, which tells us that “the application could not be downloaded”,we can in principle turn off and re- enable the Wi-Fi network.

If this does not work, we’ll either have to delete our Google Account and then re-add it, or choose to clear cache and “Google Play Store” updates .

Error 923

This code tells us that there is a “problem when syncing your Google account or any space in the cache”, and before this we must perform the following procedure.

Google Play Errors

In principle we removed our Google account, after which it is convenient to uninstall all those applications that we no longer use, to finally restart the device in recovery mode.

Once in the recovery mode, we must click on the option “Clean the cache partition “, which means we can rest assured that our data will not be deleted, and finally restart the Android device in the usual way, then add Again our Google account.

Error 941

Error 941 refers to a “problem to perform updates” and usually appears when an inconvenience arises to perform the update of a particular application.

Google Play Errors

If we are dealing with this error, which is almost always related to the cache of the Google Play Store or lack of space on the device, it is recommended to delete the cache of the Google Play Store service and remove applications that we do not use,As well as those files that are deprecated.

Other problems

In most cases, the problems that the Google store app can present are related to the cache of the same, so it is advisable whenever there are any drawbacks, in principle force the arrest and delete the Google Play Store cache.

Google Play Errors

When this procedure does not solve the problem, then it is recommended to delete our Google account, restart the device and re-add the account.

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