Android has already become part of our life, and this is no accident, since the truth is that today most people have some device that includes this operating system. It is also true that due to the current saturation of the market, we can become Android users for little money, as we know that there are smartphones and tablets at a very low cost.

The best skins for smartwatch

But that’s not all, since smartwatch, the smart clocks that include Google’s operating system , have also been on the market for some time and are compatible with certain smartphone models. Of course, not everyone can access this type of equipment, since in many cases they are still somewhat expensive.

However, while for many it seems to be a luxury item, the fact is that worldwide sales of smartwatch have skyrocketed in recent months, so many manufacturers have decided to take this trend and turn to the creation of Different models of this type of equipment.

Now, if you are the happy owner of a smartwatch, you will know that it can be customized and in this way can give a style that not only makes it an accessory that matches the occasion, but also that can somehow help us Reflect our personality.

The best skins for smartwatch

To do this, one of the first things to do when acquiring a smartwatch is to find and find the theme or skin that most reflects our preferences, since swapping the clock face on the screen of the device truly gives a touch of well-defined personalization .

Fortunately for some time the company Google has finally allowed smartwatch skins developers to have their space on Google Play, so today we can find a variety of applications created for it.

Precisely here we bring you what we consider are some of the most beautiful and prominent skins of the Google App Store, you have only to try which one is best with your style.

Starwatch: For the lovers of the stars

It is a delicate skin that incorporates within the space in which we can visualize the time, a screen in which you can see the most important constellations and other celestial bodies, such as planets, which gives the device a truly astronomical appearance, Ideal for lovers of this fascinating science.

The best skins for smartwatch

Something really remarkable about this subject is that the images of constellations, planets and systems of stars are not created at random, but the application is based on our current location, to give us precisely information of the celestial bodies that are currently in the sky over US.

Among the features of Starwatch stands out the fact that we can choose between the digital or analog clock that is shown in the foreground on the star screen.

The cost of this skin is 1 dollar and you can find it in this link .

Pujie Black: Traditional and modern at the same time

It is one of the ideal subjects for those users who like traditional accessories, but at the same time, despite having a conservative look, Pujie Black also includes aspects that make it modern.

The best skins for smartwatch

In general, by default this watch offers us various information related to the phone , such as the state of charge of the device battery and the weather forecast for our city, next to, of course, the current time.

Pujie Black allows us to choose between analog or digital clock, customize the colors, select from different styles of analog hands, include on the screen the option for OK Google and display of cards, among other things.

In addition, this theme has a standby mode, which causes the screen to fade and show only the hour without too much brightness until we touch it, in order to help us save battery in the device.

Pujie Black has a cost of $ 1.27, and you can download it from this link .

InstaWeather: To be aware of the weather

For those users who frequently consult the current weather conditions and medium-term weather forecasts, InstaWeather is probably the best option for smartwatch, since it gives us the possibility of having information regarding the current weather in our city In real time, from the device’s own main screen.

The best skins for smartwatch

Precisely because of its type of functionality, this smart watch theme offers us the possibility to convert even the smartwatch to a weather radar or map, as it has multiple types of weather monitoring screens, such as satellite photos, among others.

It also includes information and notifications on possible rains and storms, and we can include an indicator of the current battery charge of the device. In this respect, the application also allows us to use the low power mode to save energy.

InstaWeather is free, and should be used with Android Wear. You can find it in this link .

Water Ripples: Pure Serenity

Ideal for lovers of the sea, but especially for those users looking for a style that conveys serenity, Water Ripples gives the smartwatch a totally different look.

The best skins for smartwatch

The truth is that it is one of the simplest skins, since it only includes an animated seabed, in which the water ripples and the fish move, and on it is shown a small digital clock.

At the moment, we can not customize any aspect in this topic, although its developer has promised to include some new parameters to provide a minimum customization.

Water Ripples is completely free and you can download it from this link .

Retro Rocket: A retro futuristic touch

Inspired by Disney’s Tomorrowland , the theme of Retro Rocket is simple but at the same time very interesting, as its appearance makes it totally different, and perhaps many remind them of those old analogue analog clocks that were marketed in the eighties.

The best skins for smartwatch

The screen displays the current time, only in analog clock format, and has a small spacecraft which orbits around planets and stars , which represent the hours.

The customization in this case is minimal, since we can only choose between two types of color schemes, light and dark.

The cost of Retro Rocket is $ 1 and you can find it in this link .

PAC-MAN: Vintage Fun

Who does not remember the fun Pac-Man? Of course we all remember this game that not only knew the trend in the eighties, but today is still one of the video games most sought after by vintage lovers.

The best skins for smartwatch

Precisely this is an issue that gives the Android smartwatch the appearance of Pac-Man, which is true that never goes out of style, and although the application is not a game, the truth is that it is a screen that is found In motion all the time.

While the time is displayed in digital format, we can see on screen as the hungry creature chases and devours ghosts, fruits and energy balls.

Of course it is what you see, that is to say that it does not allow any type of personalization. It is also important to note that for use in our smartwatch we must have version 5.0 of Android Wear.

Its cost is one dollar, and you can find it in this link .

To find more options for themes to customize the smartwatch, just write the words “Watch Face” in the Google Play search bar, and you will see a variety of skins for the smart watch.

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