Want to know what are the best shooting games for Android? Today we have put together a list of the top five Android shooter games so you can download them on your smartphone and release some of the tension of the day.

The shooters in the first person enjoy great popularity in computers and consoles; The smartphones could not be less and their screens also arrive these games perfectly adapted. Here’s a list of five of the best shooters on Google Play.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout

The fifth installment of one of the most popular shooters on Android. This game developed by Gameloft is the first of the series that is completely free and does not disappoint (except for the public). History immerses you in a world empowered by madness and anarchy, in which through missions you will have the opportunity to restore order.

Modern Combat 5: BlackoutGood graphics, excellent gameplay and lots of action. The game allows you to choose the role you want to have (gunner, sniper, etc.) and multiplayer is great, where you can fight against other squads and talk to other players through chat.

NOVA 3 & NOVA Legacy

We continue with another series of Gameloft games. We are in an apocalyptic future in which your main mission will be to save mankind from the volterites. In the third installment he returns to Earth after years in exile. NOVA 3 offers us incredible levels that will take us through different landscapes of impressive graphics. And to continue we have the last installment of the saga: Legacy. Here we will be sent to defend a colony as veterans.

Be careful they will come for you! / © Gameloft

Both stories attract a lot and will make you hook fast. All this totally free, so do not lose anything by taking a look.

NOVA 3: Freedom EditionN.OVA Legacy

Dead Trigger 2

I love zombie games, but because of the fear I have that makes me play in tension and gives me an important adrenaline rush. A classic and one of the best in this matter is Dead Trigger 2. The graphics are not of this planet and if you have a device with NVIDIA are even better.

Dead trigger
Kill the zombies! / © Madfinger Games

DEAD TRIGGER 2: ZOMBIE SHOOTERThe story is great and also updated with new content. The game is initially free, but if you want to have more powerful weapons you will have to leave some money.

Call of Duty: Strike Team

The COD franchise continued on Android. Its Activision developers have taken with great dignity their game to the small screen. The game is in first and third person and has developed completely to be played on smartphones.

Call of Duty®: Strike TeamInstall on Google PlayYou become the ringleader of a special operations group charged with saving the world in 2020 from total war. Although the campaign mode is good, survival mode is the one that will keep you glued to the screen.

Into the Dead

Another zombie game. Into the Dead may be a little simpler in its plot if compared to the rest, but that does not mean that it offers fun. Personally I like it because it manages to create a lot of tension. In it we basically have to run and run dodging zombies that want to eat our brains.

Into the DeadThe more meters you advance without suffering damage, the more points you get to be able to buy weapons and ammunition, so you can shoot more undead. The pictures are fantastic and the atmosphere very engaging.

Screenshot 2016 04 13 16 42 41
Kill the Zombies. / © ANDROIDPIT

Brothers in Arms 3

The setting for this game is World War II. You can fight in a platoon in the multiplayer mode or be the sergeant Wright and only beat your battle after the day D.

Brothers in Arms® 3This game is loaded with action in which you can carry out various types of missions like assault, siege or sniper. Very good graphics and fantastic war atmosphere.

Screenshot 2016 04 13 16 36 18
After the day D. / © ANDROIDPIT


Unkilled is a relatively new game that has not gone unnoticed. Their graphics have been rewarded and not for less, I am convinced that you will leave with your mouth open and more if you have an NVIDIA device. The images show reflections, shadows and explosions with all details. It will make you believe that it is real life.

Again, the subject is zombies and an apocalyptic future. Missions to porrones and a great gameplay will make you stay stuck to your smartphone or tablet a good time. It has happened to me! You can try totally free and go paying for some extras.


Fields Of Battle

Perfect game for those against violence. In Fields Of Battle the action moves to a paintball field, so you’ll have to be good at hiding and firing at your teammates without being discovered. The game runs at high speed and is really fun. No doubt, I invite you to try it.


Fields of Battle

Hitman Sniper

In this game you put yourself in the skin of Agent 47, a sniper and murderer characterized for being silent and methodical in his works. Hitman Sniper tests your accuracy and speed in shooting.

Hitman SniperYour non stop mode is one step. In it we will have to shoot a bunch of zombies without stopping. It is perfect for discharging voltages. Maybe the only negative I find is the graphics, which are too simple, but that does not take away the fun.

Zombie Gunship 3D

We keep killing zombies, but in a different way. In Zombie Gunship 3D we are in the air and we will have to annihilate the living dead throwing all kinds of heavy artillery. The graphics may not be cutting edge, but that does not influence fun. Maybe that’s why I put it in last position.

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