Waze is one of the most popular applications in the field of driving, what for? Waze chooses the best route based on distance, but also on the road traffic at that time to avoid any surprise and gain time, and all this thanks to the information provided by your community. Here are five features of Waze to (re) discover how to make Waze your best co-driver.

Waze – GPS, Maps and Traffic

1. Choose the best route

Waze indicates by default the shortest route possible according to your calculations in terms of time (routes, traffic, works …), this means that the application can sometimes suggest a longer route in terms of kilometers . Fortunately, the application gives you the possibility to choose the route from among several suggested and although this option is little known by the users, it is often quite practical.

To do this, insert a destination, but do not immediately accept the first suggested route, click on “Routes” and observe the suggested alternatives, which are often quite practical.

Androidpit waze routes
Sometimes these second suggested routes may be more convenient for you. © AndroidPIT

2. Changer la voix

Does the voice of Waze make you angry? Do not worry! The application offers the possibility to change the voice for other more funny options (Settings> Sound and voice> Voice instructions). Waze also allows you to record your voice or that of a friend in order to have even more personalized driving (Settings> Sound and voice> Record voice). And if you want to perfect a language, you can also choose to put it in another language.

Androidpit waze sound
Do you want to improve your English? Waze makes it possible. © AndroidPIT

3. Avoid fines for speeding

Getting the card is fine, but keeping it would be even better. If you do not want your precious points to begin to shrink by driving too fast, the best thing you can do is avoid speeding tickets. The number of radars is considerable and sometimes you may be guilty of going a few miles an hour above what is allowed. Fortunately, Waze is aware of this problem and wants to help you respect the road code so, in addition to showing you the speed at which you drive, you can configure the application to notify you when you exceed the maximum speed allowed. You can choose a sound warning if you exceed this maximum speed allowed by 5%, 10%, 15% … or by 5 km / h, 10 km / h, 15 km / h …

  • Go to Settings> Speedometer> Play alert sound
Androidpit waze speed
With this option you will no longer have any excuse if you receive a speeding ticket. © AndroidPIT

4. Synchronize the calendar

Waze is used in particular by many professional drivers and people who make regular use of the car for work purposes. If the address of your next appointment is on your calendar, Waze can read this information (if you authorize it, of course) and suggest the best route for you to avoid having to re-enter the address in the application.

  • Go to Settings> calendar events
Androidpit waze calendar
Synchronizing the calendar can be quite handy for professional drivers. © AndroidPIT

5. Synchronize contacts

In the same way, Waze allows you to synchronize your contacts with the application, this way will indicate the route to the address of your friend by simply clicking on his name, and also allows you to send your contact the estimated time of arrival.

  • Go to Settings> Account and Login, then click on “Phone Number” and enter your phone number and the validation code that you will receive through an SMS.
  • Click the “Friends” icon again in the upper right corner and select “Authorize access to my contacts”.
Androidpit waze contacts

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