One of the main concerns that Android users usually have about the behavior of their cell phone is usually everything related to the autonomy that the device can have, and that is why it is not surprising that the advertisements of the computers that are Commercialize in the market always point to the advantages of the type of battery that contains the smart phone and the long duration of it.

However, we know from our experience that in most cases, with the frequent use of the device the battery begins to run out , and the fact is that many times we do not know for sure why this happens.


One of the main reasons when it comes to power consumption in smartphones is often the applications and functionalities of the phone that work in the background when they are active, which makes autonomy not want it.

Among the main factors that consume many energy resources and deplete the battery charge of our cell phone, some of the most dangerous are the connection platforms, which include WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS.

For this reason, if we want to save energy and achieve more effective use of the battery life of our Android device, the best option is to keep a control on turning on and off WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS, which we can perform in a way Manual or automatic, through the use of applications developed for it.

Here we tell you how to carry out the manual procedure to turn on and off WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS, as well as bringing you some options in terms of applications to perform automatically.


To manually turn on WiFi , the procedure is as follows.

Step 1: Go to Device Settings and click on the WiFi section.

Step 2: On the next screen we will find a button to turn the WiFi connection on and off.

We can also perform the procedure by displaying the notification bar, clicking on the WiFi icon.


To turn off the WiFi connection manually the procedure is the same as the previous one, but we can also configure some parameters , for which we must do the following.

Step 1: We go to Adjustments, click on WiFi and then on the icon of three points, and then on the menu click on the item “Advanced Settings”.

Step 2: Once there click on the option “Use WiFi in suspension” and choose from the available alternatives. It is recommended to choose the option “Never”, if we want to save energy.


When we talk about Bluetooth, we have to keep in mind that when this type of connection is activated in our smartphone is usually try to connect to nearby devices that has enabled the option, so in many cases can be an open door for anyone Enter our device.

It is therefore extremely important that we pay attention to the use of this type of connection. As for the procedure to turn on Bluetooth , we can do it as with WiFi, through the icon that is in the box that is displayed with the notification bar, or in the following way.

Step 1: We go to Settings and click on the “Bluetooth” section.

Step 2: We will find on the next screen a button that serves to turn Bluetooth on and off.


The manual procedure to turn off the Bluetooth connection of our Android phone is the same as we should perform to turn Bluetooth on, but in reverse, of course.

We can also take advantage of applications that serve for such purposes , but which give us the possibility to do it automatically, but we will see that later in this article.


To manually turn on the GPS of our Android device , we must perform the following steps.

Step 1: We go to Settings of the equipment and click in the section “Access to your location”.

Step 2: In the following screen in principle we must confirm that the option “Allow access to your location” is checked.

Step 3: To turn on the GPS of the cell phone we must press the button that is located next to the item “GPS Satellites”.


To turn off the GPS of our phone we can perform the above mentioned steps, but instead of turning it on by pressing the button that we indicated, we will do that it is in the “No” position .

Both procedures, ie to turn the GPS on and off , can also be done by displaying the options in the notification bar, by clicking on the “GPS” icon .


In order to avoid having to perform as many steps as mentioned in each of the connections of our Android device , we can use applications created to make life easier.

In the case of WiFi, one of the best options available in the Google Play Store is Wi-Fi Matic – Auto WiFi On Off, which we can download for free in this link , and in general it is a tool that Allows us to turn on and off WiFi automatically.

To do this, the app can automatically detect the location of the WiFi networks to which we usually connect, such as our home, work and so on, and to detect what it will do is turn on the WiFi option of our smartphone, while That when we move away from these connections, will cause WiFi to shut down.

It also has a configurable timer to indicate at what times of the day we want our device to connect to WiFi and when it should be turned off automatically.

In the case of turning Bluetooth on and off automatically, we can use the free BlueCarapplication that can be found in this link .

With this tool we can efficiently manage the use of Bluetooth on our Android devicewhen we use this platform to connect the handsfree of the phone, as it allows us to achieve that the Bluetooth is automatically activated with the headset that we have indicated as default.

One of its best uses, as its name implies, takes place when the phone is connected with the free hands of our car, since to activate it we do not need to have physical contact with the Android device.

Finally, when it comes to turn the GPS on and off automatically, we can use one of the simple widgets available in the Google Play Store, such as GPS OnOff, which we can download for free at this link .

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