For some time now we are lovers of innovations in technology, and especially in relation to the portable technology and the Android operating system, we learned with great pleasure that soon the new revolutionaries of the market would arrive: SmartWatch.

This new device is nothing else, as its name implies, a clock that has the particularity of linking and synchronizing with our smartphone,since it has a reduced version of Android included.

Today SmartWatch is the object of desire of many, since not only do they allow to synchronize information with smartphones and tablets, but also can be used independently of these, since they give us the possibility to add some applications and widgets, even to make calls , Take pictures and capture video.

What is a smartwatch?

However, the available SmartWatches , in addition to having a high cost for what they are, still have significant drawbacks, such as mediocre compatibility with different makes and models of smartphones, the low autonomy of their batteries, and even In many cases the lack of real functionality.

For all this, we invite you in this article to review the main advantages and disadvantages of these Smartwatches, which although they still have much to criticize, surely in a little time more will revolutionize the market.


If we look at the different reviews of the current models of SmartWatch available in the international market, we can note that in most opinions often criticize these devices ensuring that they do not offer enough functionality to consider their purchase.

The truth is that if we compare it with a conventional watch, we should not doubt the acquisition of it, except for its value of sale, which is still relatively high. Also, let’s not forget that it is not only a watch, but in addition to being as functional as its analog counterparts, they add additional functionality.

Of course, for many critics of the SmartWatch, surely the deficiency of the device is taken to the extent of considering it a smartphone replacement, and the truth is that they are just a complement, so for many, over time, it may end Becoming a watch that only gives the time, but with a lot of style.

What is a smartwatch?


Despite the criticisms received by many users, smartwatch have the ability to revolutionize the way we look at time and live it, mainly thanks to the fact that it is a device that can access the Internet , which with it We are always connected.

Among some of the main features included in smartwatch we can mention that it incorporates GPS through its Internet access. In this sense, although for many the screen size of the device can become a problem for the visualization of maps, the fact is that we can always resort to voice guidance.

On the other hand, some current models of smartwatches also include the possibility of listening to music, either through radio or Google Play, of course we must be connected to the Internet.

What is a smartwatch?

Undoubtedly, some of the main features of these devices is the possibility that we can review our e-mail, that is to say we can send and receive emails, and of course we can receive notifications and update our status in social networks.

In addition some models have a great capacity to install applications from Google Play, of course for many are difficult to manage due to the small size of the screen, but ultimately everything is a matter of getting used to. They also include camera that allows us to take pictures and capture video.

Of course it also offers the possibility of having a telephone connection, as long as the smartwatch is properly synchronized with a compatible smartphone, and that is perhaps one of the biggest drawbacks of most current smart watch models.

The truth is that in theory, with the advent of smartwatch we are not far from having an all-in-one device. However, this device has some disadvantages.


In general, the biggest complaint of smartwatch users revolve around the lack of compatibility that different models of smart watches have with smartphone brands and models.

If we are aware of what the manufacturers tell us, we will see that in general we are listed only one or two smartphone models as fully compatible with that particular smartwatch, then we present another list with several models that are “medium” compatible, and lastly A third list with which little compatibility is achieved. Moreover, it may not even appear the phone we have available.

What is a smartwatch?

So, the question is , is that a smartwatch? And surely compatibility is the main drawback of these innovative wristbands, and the truth is that because of its current cost, which is no bargain, many smartphone users end up deciding to change their phone to use the new smartwatch they purchased.

Therefore, we recommend that before buying a smartwacht we will ensure on the manufacturer’s page if it really has compatibility with our smartphone.

Another disadvantage of smart clocks is that they require a permanent connection to the Internet to function as such, otherwise they are only dedicated to giving us the time. Therefore, we must also evaluate this issue when deciding to buy a smartwatch.

What is a smartwatch?


So, according to the analyzed, should we or should not buy a smartwatch? The truth is that in principle we have to evaluate if it is really worth investing the money in this device, especially considering that they still retain a medically high value , a price that in general is around 300 dollars, depending on the market.

And the truth is also that it is possible that today there is an available alternative that is really worthwhile, since both the Sony and Samsung smartwatch have little compatibility with smartphone models of other brands, and in the case of Pebble , Which although it is one of the smart watches that offer greater compatibility, the truth is that for the moment turns out to be one of the most basic in terms of functionality.

What is a smartwatch?

In short, according to our point of view, the ideal is to wait a few more months for the purchase of this device, since in a short time there will be a large availability of smartwatch brands, even generic ones, that have been able to solve the drawbacks Of incompatibility with various smartphones.

The truth is that as the competition of the smart watches market increases, the brands will surely offer a better product, which will meet the characteristics that ultimately we need Android users.

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