More and more portable devices that we can take with us anywhere and take advantage of the advantages offered by the Android operating system and all its applications, and precisely in this lies the great success that have recently had the devices considered As wearables.

wearable or wearable device is one that we can incorporate into our clothing or accessories and its main feature is that these devices interact permanently with us and other devices, such as a Smartphone.

Choosing a SmartWatch

Within these wearable devices one of the most outstanding due to the great impact they have had lately and the growth of their sales in the global market, are the so-called smartwatch or smart watches , that through different forms of connectivity communicate with our Smartphone , Allowing us to access personal information in real time.

Although for some it is still somewhat extravagant to carry an accessory of these characteristics, and even see it as the phones used by Superagent 86, the fact is that when using it on a daily basis there is no user that has not highlighted the Excellent experience you get with its use.

Choosing a SmartWatch

In fact, smartwatch are certainly one of the devices most welcomed by consumers in recent years, because in practice they are indeed useful, since among other things smart clocks are capable of running applications, operating as a player Multimedia, receive and make calls, send and receive messages, among other things, almost the same way a Smartphone does.

That is why, for many, smartwatch has become an ideal complement of the phone , as it allows us to carry the Smartphone in our wallet, briefcase or pocket, and for example to respond an urgent message from the screen itself smart, without Need to have to take out our phone.

Choosing a SmartWatch

However, in order to have a smart watch that meets our requirements, it is necessary that when buying a smartwatch we take the time necessary to analyze the model that best suits us, both in price and benefits, and especially in what Regarding the support that it has to connect and interact with the model of phone that we own.

Due to the large number of offers in the current market, here we tell you some of the guidelines to take into account when purchasing a smartwatch, and in this way to make a satisfactory purchase.


Usually the majority of users who are faced with the possibility of buying a smart watch are focused on choosing the one that seems most beautiful, and while we must ultimately buy a device that attracts us its design, the truth is that there are Other priorities.

Choosing a SmartWatch

In this sense, the first thing to keep in mind when choosing the smartwatch that we are going to buy is to verify that it has a true compatibility with our Android phone,otherwise it will become a totally useless device.

To know this information we can consult the store where they market the Smartphone, also read carefully the specifications of the device, and at the same time conduct a search on the internet to really ensure that the watch we are going to buy is fully compatible with our Android Smartphone .

Choosing a SmartWatch


Another important point to keep in mind is to know some data of the battery that includes the smartwatch in order to have an approximate idea of how long will be the autonomy of the device.

Keep in mind that the battery is one of the fundamental elements of a smartwatch,especially for those users who are often on the street and need a long time between charging and charging.

Choosing a SmartWatch

At this point we must take into account that basically the battery that include the smartwatch of the monochrome type, that is to say with black and white screen, usually have an approximate duration of between 4 to 5 days, while the batteries of smartwatch of color screen last About 1 to 2 days.


It is extremely important that before buying a smart watch we know what the functions included in the device. Of course this will also depend on the needs of each user.

In this regard, we must bear in mind that some smartwatch models only allow receiving and sending calls and messages, while others also provide access to social networks.

Choosing a SmartWatch

Broadly speaking, most current smart clocks include a number of features, such as calendar, calculator, music player, camera trigger, organizer and so on, and even some have the ability to control it via voice commands .

Design, portability and price

In tastes there is nothing written, the saying goes, and this is very true, but it is also true that when choosing an Android smart watch we must take the time necessary to choose the model that we like most by its design .

Currently there is a huge variety of smartwatch with the most varied designs and of the most diverse sizes, and the truth is that we should choose the one that best suits the use that we are going to give the device.

Choosing a SmartWatch

At this point we must also make sure that the model we are going to buy is easy and comfortable to operate, in which we must analyze the size of screen that suits us, as well as the layout of the buttons and other physical characteristics of the equipment .

It can also be really useful to opt for a waterproof smartwatch, so that within our usual tasks we do not have to remove the clock at all times.

Choosing a SmartWatch

Finally, we must of course analyze the cost of the new acquisition, since the truth is that in the market we can find the most diverse prices, which generally range from $ 150 to over $ 1000, so we must do A smart buy, always analyzing the true use that we will give to the smartwatch.

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