LG is one of the veterans of the smartphone industry, however, has never managed to reap the successes of other companies such as Samsung. From the point of view of a European customer, its product policy is questionable since, for example, it is not possible to get the high-end V-series in Europe, or even in some countries like Germany, The G6. Now it seems that LG is thinking of advancing the release dates of the future smartphones V and G. What is true behind in this news?

Although in the current market we can find many gorgeous smartphones, Samsung and Apple are by far the manufacturers that sell most phones. The remaining manufacturers have only the option of finding a gap in the launch calendars or in the product catalog of these giants of the sector. From Korea, The Investor has published that LG will present the V30 and the G7 ahead of schedule. Although not yet decided. Which presentation dates are really ideal? Our analysis:

LG V30: It will arrive around the IFA

The LG V30 will be available this fall. Will it reach Europe? It is not clear, because to date LG has decided not to offer its high end devices by our latitudes. Rumors from Korea now point to LG could introduce the V30 in August. Android Authority speculated that such a presentation could even occur in the IFA, since the press conferences are in August. Last year, LG launched the V20 a week after the IFA, so it seems logical that the date for this year is similar. If LG is committed to a launch at the IFA, we may also be able to see it on the European market. Our tests on the V20 showed that LG could surely have rolled the market, regardless of the problems in Note 7.

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LG has missed a great opportunity in Europe with the V20
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The V30 will be difficult, since Samsung will introduce Note 8, which will surely be a sales success. And Apple is almost certain to release three new iPhones. There probably will not be much difference if LG uses the weeks before or after the IFA to get the V30. But from the point of view of LG it is interesting to distance itself a little from the launch dates of the competition. If Samsung is presented at the IFA with Note 8, LG has to hurry to do something that counteracts this situation.

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LG V20 / © AndroidPIT

Will we see the LG G7 in January?

If LG finally decided to show the LG G7 in January, it would have a big impact. Let’s look back: the LG G6 was featured on the MWC, and without the Galaxy S8 the interest was huge. The pavilion of LG where it was presented was full to the top, and it seems that even there were visitors who remained at the doors without being able to enter. Although it was initially planned that the G6 arrived earlier to the market, it had to wait until the end of April to see it in stores. After the S8! Now its price has dropped to about 500 euros. Ultimately this is no longer a way to achieve the desired success: an aggressive pricing policy that attracts customers who want to spend less money.

Cheapest price: LG G6

Let’s go back to the G7. It is expected a presentation in the spring during the MWC or soon after. So LG could again match Samsung, since a launch in January seems feasible (CES would be the ideal time). So LG should hurry to get the G7 to market. In fact, I should do it in January as well as late.

However it faces a problem like that of the G6: it will have to use the processor of the previous year, that is to say the Snapdragon 835 or (if it arrived) the 836. What is clear is that the competitiveness in 2017 will resent if all the smartphones High-end come out with the Snapdragon 845. In such a case, the way to impose itself to the competition would be through a competitive price.

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The competition is fierce in the Android universe. / © AndroidPIT

To sum up: the moment LG presents its smartphones seems rather unimportant. Getting ahead a couple of weeks would give you some prestige and maybe even a small increase in sales. But the really decisive thing is that it is surprising in its presentation, that it has a good finish, that it is competitive at hardware level, and that it has software that remembers the original Android. And, of course, have a competitive price. LG is able to do so, but seems to bite in going in the opposite direction on many occasions: we still remember with anger of the LG G6 that came out in different editions, with less memory and no audio chip Quad-DAC. And not even wireless charging.

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