Windows Phone Basics Fail to Take Off

Windows Phone is a relatively new operating system with a lot of ability to progress. In this process of growth is leaving aside the most important, please the average user. It is true that the Redmond people see an effort to get advanced applications to distinguish themselves from the competition, but the basic applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc. They do not just work with the fluidity that is demanded of them.


Windows Phone is a relatively new operating system compared to the competition. Both Android and iOS are much more developed and Microsoft would make a mistake adopting a strategy in which its goal is to copy the competition. The market share of Windows Phone invites to think that those of Redmond are doing things well. However, the potential that was foreseen was much greater. Just ask on the street to see that what is missing are basic things.

If you are an advanced user and regular reader of this blog, you are probably not the average Windows Phone user. Asking your friends, you will realize that many are not satisfied with their smartphones . To justify their complaints they will say: “what bad cellphone, I do not go back to buy a Windows Phone” or “WhatsApp goes extremely slow” . And is that, no matter how much Microsoft insists, an operating system does not grow because of its leading applications. Although many people find it nonsense, there are people who can spend a considerable amount of money just to use Whatsapp.

Probably the development of many of these applications is out of the hands of Microsoft, but somethingcan always be done to improve its operation . Basic applications I consider WhatsApp , Facebook , Twitter , Viber, Instagram (that does not yet exist), that is, the ones that communicate to people, which is, after all, the goal with which the mobile phones were created.

On the other hand, it is necessary to emphasize the effort that is being made in the range of applications HERE and in those related with the camera whose performance is exquisite.

There is still a long way to go if this operating system really wants to compete with IOs and Android. The first step is to lay the foundations by creating basic applications that work properly and are fluid. No frills. Recently several of these apps have begun to receive updates more often correcting basic design bugs and bugs. This is the way to follow! How do you see the future of Windows Phone? Are you happy with the performance of the applications you use daily?

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